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Project duration:

4 weeks


Global supplier of pigment.

Project summary:

Our client had carried out significant modifications to a previously CE Marked machine, including improvements to guarding and installation of a new electrical control system. This necessitated a confirmation of the machines safety related design, hence a PUWER assessment was performed.

Applicable Legislation:

Work Equipment Directives (implemented in UK as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations).

What we did:

  • Carried out an assessment of the modification work against PUWER regulations albeit largely in-line with Essential Requirements of CE marking directives.
  • Provided a detailed report listing improvement suggestions and non-compliances with photographic support and guidance on rectification work.
  • Provided guidance and assistance with preparation of new user documentation.

What the customer did:

  • Supplied us with detailed mechanical and electrical design drawings for the modifications.
  • Modified the design according to our recommendations.
  • Recorded details of compliance and satisfied legal obligations.

Final outcome:

Client satisfied their legal obligations under PUWER and now holds documentary evidence to justify.

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