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The CE marking procedure is one of self-certification. Generally, you can do everything yourself and the steps below will guide you through the process.

The UKCA and CE marking process requires a detailed knowledge of the directives and standards relevant to your product.  The only cases where it is not possible for the manufacturer/importer to do everything themselves are when the relevant directives specifically state that a Notified Body must be involved in the assessment of the products.

However, because the CE marking process can be extremely complicated and time consuming, we’re here to help. Our CE Marking Specialists can advise you at any or all of the stages involved in certification, should you require our help.

How UKCA & CE Self Certification Works

There are various stages that are involved in the UKCA and CE Marking processes, and our product compliance specialists are able to provide help and advice at any of them. The stages involved with certification are:

1. Decide which directives apply to your product

Under the New Legislative Framework the revised directives are now in force. The UK government has an obligation to enact these directives into UK law however this process was delayed but is currently on-going.

Guidance from The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) advises that economic operators should comply with the requirements of the new directives from 20th April 2016 and products placed on the market after this date should be compliant with, and consequently have a declaration of conformity against, the new Directives.

Here you can find a summary of each of the principle European Directives and Regulations with links to the full text of the directives themselves as well as sources of further information relating to the directives. The directive will define which products need Notified body involvement.

Why Choose Conformance?

Conformance is the UK's leading independent specialist in Product Safety, CE Marking and UKCA Marking. For more than 30 years, we have specialised in helping companies, small and large, to meet the regulations that their products are required to comply with in their markets and industries.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our UKCA and CE Marking assessments.

Product Safety FAQs

Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking your Products

This course will guide you through the complete CE marking process, from design considerations and finding the right standards to completing all the necessary documentation.

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CE and UKCA Marking Machinery & Industrial Equipment

This course will give you an understanding of how to carry out machinery assessments, including finding and applying the relevant standards, and the documentation that must be provided.

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Machinery Risk Assessment Training

This course explains the role of standards in the risk assessment process, to enable designers and project managers to carry out the risk assessment in the most efficient way.

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Pressure Equipment Directive Training Course

This course provides an overview of the Pressure Equipment Directive, where you will learn who should take responsibility, how to find and apply standards, what documentation you need to produce.

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ATEX Compliance & Risk Assessment Course

This course will take you through the CE and Ex marking process in detail. You will gain an understanding of the requirements, including the various options for ensuring equipment is safe.

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CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

This course will explain who is responsible for CE marking, and what should be done to carry out the process correctly, as well as looking into the directives and standards involved.

Read more: CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

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