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Car production line machineryWe frequently provide advice on CE-marking and UKCA marking on production lines; typically consisting of manufacturing cells, robots, special purpose machines, and conveying systems. Such lines often have perimeter guarding and control systems which span more than one piece of equipment. 

CE marking and UKCA marking, specifically according to the Machinery Directives, often applies to the integration of such equipment. Unless the line is being supplied as a turnkey system, the responsibility for CE marking and UKCA marking often rests upon the end users of the line, who are primarily focussed on using it rather than creating it. Supplying production lines often involves defining the extent of assembly of the machines, integrating used equipment and modifying existing equipment, all of which raise interesting questions regarding CE marking and UKCA marking

Seeking advice from an external provider of CE marking or UKCA marking expertise can be a cost-effective investment to help satisfy CE-marking and/or UKCA marking obligations and can save many hours of reading and interpreting requirements, head-scratching and heated meetings - not to mention costly retrospective modification and certification. Conformance Ltd. has extensive experience in advising on production line CE and UKCA marking, for many industries and size of client. We would be happy to discuss your project and provide a proposal for assistance.


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