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AtexdsearOne of our most common areas of activity is helping our clients comply with the ATEX Equipment Directive for CE marking and UKCA marking of products and the ATEX Worker Directive for workplaces (known in the UK as the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations, DSEAR). We have extensive expertise and experience with most types of equipment for explosive atmospheres, from small-scale electrical apparatus such as instruments and motors through machinery for petroleum, solvent coating, pumping and powder handling, to large integrated process plant for steel, chemical, pharmaceutical and food production. Conformance has been established for over 20 years and has extensive expertise in Explosive Risk assessments.

Our safety consultants have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of the industry stretching back over 20 years and constantly keep themselves updated on developing technologies, assessment and protection methods and changes to the directives, regulations and standards.

We have all the expertise and experience necessary to assist with all aspects of explosion risk assessments required by the directives, including hazardous substance assessment, hazardous area classification and ignition hazard assessment.

We are happy to give you advice on any aspect of the ATEX Directive compliance and will discuss your requirements with you to provide a tailored response. If required, we can assess your equipment against current requirements and provide you with a comprehensive report identifying any possible areas of concern, recommendations for improvements and guidance to help you comply. Alternatively, if you prefer we can provide you with support and documentation to complete the assessment yourselves.

Below are a number of recent case studies that demonstrate how Conformance has met our customers' needs for ATEX compliance...



Our recent experience

  • Natural gas combustion system area classification for steel strip furnace, lime-kilns and drying ovens.
  • CE Ex marking assessment of motor/gearbox drives for large oilseed solvent extractors.
  •  Ex ‘p’ protection of gas analysers.
  • ATEX assessment and technical files for a pump manufacturer’s wide range of oil and process pumps.
  • DSEAR assessment of solvent printing and coating plant for film.
  • ATEX CE/Ex marking assessments for several pharmaceutical mixing vessel manufacturers.
  • ATEX CE/Ex marking of coke crusher.
  • DSEAR assessment and explosion protection document for coal handling, blending and storage facility.

Other relevant products and services we offer:

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Prepaid Consultancy Time


Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking your Products

This course will guide you through the complete CE marking process, from design considerations and finding the right standards to completing all the necessary documentation.

Read more: Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking your Products

CE and UKCA Marking Machinery & Industrial Equipment

This course will give you an understanding of how to carry out machinery assessments, including finding and applying the relevant standards, and the documentation that must be provided.

Read more: CE and UKCA Marking Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Machinery Risk Assessment Training

This course explains the role of standards in the risk assessment process, to enable designers and project managers to carry out the risk assessment in the most efficient way.

Read more: Machinery Risk Assessment Training

Pressure Equipment Directive Training Course

This course provides an overview of the Pressure Equipment Directive, where you will learn who should take responsibility, how to find and apply standards, what documentation you need to produce.

Read more: Pressure Equipment Directive Training Course

ATEX Compliance & Risk Assessment Course

This course will take you through the CE and Ex marking process in detail. You will gain an understanding of the requirements, including the various options for ensuring equipment is safe.

Read more: ATEX Compliance & Risk Assessment Course

CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

This course will explain who is responsible for CE marking, and what should be done to carry out the process correctly, as well as looking into the directives and standards involved.

Read more: CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

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