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pressure equipmentCompliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for CE marking and UKCA marking is one of our main services. We have extensive expertise and experience with all types of pressure equipment, from small pressure accessories such as valves, gauges and piping to large integrated pressure systems for chemical, pharmaceutical and power plant.

Our pressure equipment consultants have a huge well of knowledge and experience of the industry stretching back over 20 years and constantly keep themselves updated on developing technologies/manufacturing practices and any changes or updates to applicable directives, standards and regulations.

We have all the expertise and experience necessary to assist with all aspects of the PED, including interpreting the scope and exclusions, categorisation, standards, materials, design, welding and manufacturing, inspection and pressure testing, global conformity assessment of assemblies, Notified Bodies and approvals, certification, technical files and declarations of conformity

We are happy to give you advice on any aspect of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliance for CE marking and UKCA marking and will discuss your requirements with you to provide a tailored response. If required, we can assess your equipment against current regulations, provide you with a comprehensive report identifying any possible areas of concern, corrective actions and guidance to help you comply. Alternatively, if you prefer we can provide you with support and documentation to carry this process out yourselves.



Our recent experience

  • Assist a user with avoiding the Global Conformity Assessment procedure for a turbine power generation system constructed for their own use.
  • Assist with CE marking a transportable gas cylinder for use as a breathing apparatus compressed air cylinder.
  • Gas stirring systems for secondary steelmaking ladles.
  • Design of 350bar and 1520bar isostatic press vessels for ceramic products.
  • CE marking of commercial heat pump system for supermarket heating and refrigeration.
  • CE marking of steelworks heat recovery steam boiler system.

Other relevant products and services we offer:

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Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking your Products

This course will guide you through the complete CE marking process, from design considerations and finding the right standards to completing all the necessary documentation.

Read more: Introduction to CE and UKCA Marking your Products

CE and UKCA Marking Machinery & Industrial Equipment

This course will give you an understanding of how to carry out machinery assessments, including finding and applying the relevant standards, and the documentation that must be provided.

Read more: CE and UKCA Marking Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Machinery Risk Assessment Training

This course explains the role of standards in the risk assessment process, to enable designers and project managers to carry out the risk assessment in the most efficient way.

Read more: Machinery Risk Assessment Training

Pressure Equipment Directive Training Course

This course provides an overview of the Pressure Equipment Directive, where you will learn who should take responsibility, how to find and apply standards, what documentation you need to produce.

Read more: Pressure Equipment Directive Training Course

ATEX Compliance & Risk Assessment Course

This course will take you through the CE and Ex marking process in detail. You will gain an understanding of the requirements, including the various options for ensuring equipment is safe.

Read more: ATEX Compliance & Risk Assessment Course

CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

This course will explain who is responsible for CE marking, and what should be done to carry out the process correctly, as well as looking into the directives and standards involved.

Read more: CE & UKCA Marking Electrical Equipment Training Course

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