The new SPV directive (2014/29/EU) has been published and came into force on 20th April 2016 to replace directive 2009/105/EC.

  • Simple pressure vessels are intended to contain air or nitrogen at a gauge pressure greater than 0.5 bar but less than or equal to 30 bar, and not intended to be exposed to heat.
  • Simple pressure vessels must be manufactured in series production and be of welded steel or aluminum construction with a total pressure.volume (PS.V) product not exceeding 10,000 bar.litres.
  • The minimum working temperature must be no lower than – 50 °C and the maximum working temperature must not be higher than 300 °C for steel and 100 °C for aluminium or aluminium alloy vessels.
  • The vessel shall be made of either:
    (i) a cylindrical part of circular cross-section closed by inwardly dished and/or flat ends which revolve around the same axis as the cylindrical part; or
    (ii) two dished ends revolving around the same axis.
  • All vessels whose PS.V is more than 50 bar.litres (category A in the UK Simple Pressure Vessels Regulations 2016) must meet the essential safety requirements outlined in Annex 1 of the Directive. They must have Notified Body acceptance, the CE mark and the other specified information shown on the vessel and be issued with appropriate instructions.
  • All vessels whose PS.V is less than 50 bar.litres (category B in the UK Simple Pressure Vessels Regulations 2016) must be manufactured in accordance with engineering practice recognized as sound in an EEA State and bear the specified inscriptions (but not the CE mark).

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