The following information is a summary of the requirements of the Directive.
 It is not an area in which we currently offer advice but you may find some useful information and links here.


The Recreational Craft Directive (2013/53/EU ) was publised on the 28th December 2013 and includes the changes brought by the New Legislative Framework. It is a CE marking directive which sets out a uniform level of safety in the design and manufacture of recreational craft throughout the European Economic Area. It covers craft to be used for sporting and recreational purposes with hull lengths between 2.5 and 24 metres (with some specific exclusions), as well as certain items of equipment.

The directive contains both administrative and protective requirements for recreational craft. The administrative requirements included marking with the CE logo, a declaration of conformity and a technical file. The directive also lays out requirements for type testing and quality control procedures. The protection requirements are dealt with in depth and organized under 30 headings.

It is important to check the interpretation of this directive in each country where the craft will be sold, as its implementation into national regulations can differ.