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The following information is a summary of the requirements of the Directive.
 It is not an area in which we currently offer advice but you may find some useful information and links here.


The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU is a New Approach Directive which applies to a large range of measuring instruments, with the goal of creating a single market in measuring instruments throughout the EU. It establishes the essential requirements that the measuring instruments will have to satisfy if they are subject to legal metrological control in a Member State and the conformity assessment that they have to undergo prior to their placing on the market and putting into use.

The Directive also aims to harmonise the requirements of the various types of measuring instruments, as fas as practicle, and as such repeals the following Directives;

  • Directive 71/318/EEC (gas meters)
  • Directive 71/319/EEC (meters for liquids other than water)
  • Directive 71/348/EEC (meters for liquids other than water - ancillary equipment)
  • Directive 73/362/EEC (material measures of length)
  • Directive 75/33/EEC (cold water meters)
  • Directive 75/410/EEC (continuous totalising weighing machines)
  • Directive 76/891/EEC (electrical energy meters)
  • Directive 77/95/EEC (taximeters)
  • Directive 77/313/EEC (measuring systems for liquids other than water)
  • Directive 78/1031/EEC (automatic checkweighing and weight grading machines)
  • Directive 79/830/EEC (hot-water meters)
  • Directive 75/33/EEC (cold water meters) is a special case as it has only been partially repealed for meters defined in Annex MI-001 of the new Directive (for clean water meters, for example in residential areas, commercial or light industrual use).