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Project Duration:

4 weeks


An innovative energy company developing an energy storage system that uses waste heat to evaporate stored, cryogenic, liquefied gas to drive a turbine generator and generate power during periods of peak demand.

Project Summary:

Our client had collaborated with an energy generating company to design and construct a prototype generating system. They needed help with the PED’s Global Conformity Assessment procedure.

Applicable Directives:

Pressure Equipment Directive PED, Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR).

What We Did:

  • Established the circumstances of the construction of the plant.
  • Reviewed the provisions in PED Recital 7 allowing “the assembly of pressure equipment on the site and under the responsibility of a user who is not the manufacturer, as in the case of industrial installations.”
  • Showed how the construction of the plant was exempt from the PED and its conformity should be assessed according to PSSR in an “examination before first use”.
  • Provided a report describing the PED exemption and the application of the PSSR to assure the parties that this was the correct course of action and to justify it to the authorities if necessary.

What the Customer Did:

  • Sourced PED certified vessels and other equipment.
  • Assembled the plant with PED CE-marked pipework where necessary.
  • Got a competent person to complete a PSSR “examination before first use” on the pressure system.
  • Avoided the stricter and more difficult PED Global Conformity Assessment procedure they had been offered by a Notified Body.

Final Outcome:

The client was able to commission the system and put it into service without CE marking it as a PED “assembly”.

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