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Category I ‘Simple‘ design PPE

Article 8.3 of the Directive defines PPE ‘of simple design’ as covering exclusively PPE intended to protect the wearer against:

  • mechanical action whose effects are superficial (gardening gloves, thimbles etc.)
  • cleaning materials of weak action and easily reversible effects (gloves affording protection against diluted detergents, aprons etc.)
  • risks encountered in the handling of hot components which do not expose the user to a temperature exceeding 50 degrees C, or to dangerous impacts (gloves, aprons for professional use etc.)
  • atmospheric agents of a neither exceptional nor extreme nature (headgear, seasonal clothing, footwear etc.)
  • minor impacts and vibrations etc. which do not affect vital areas of the body and whose effects cannot cause irreversible lesions (light anti-scalping helmets, gloves, light footwear etc.)
  • sunlight (sunglasses)

Category III ‘Complex‘ design PPE

Article 8.4(a) of the Directive defines PPE ‘of complex design’ intended to protect against mortal danger, or against dangers that may seriously and irreversibly harm the health of an individual, the immediate effects of which cannot be identified in sufficient time as covering exclusively:

  • filtering respiratory devices for protection against solid and liquid aerosols or irritant, dangerous, toxic or radio-toxic gases
  • respiratory protection devices providing full insulation from the atmosphere, including those for use in diving
  • PPE providing only limited protection against chemical attack or against ionising radiation
  • emergency equipment for use in high-temperature environments, the effects of which are comparable to those of an air temperature of 100 degrees C or more and which may or may not be characterised by the presence of infra-red radiation, flames or the projection of large amounts of molten material
  • emergency equipment for use in low-temperature environments, the effects of which are comparable to those of an air temperature of -50 degrees C or less
  • PPE to protect against falls from a height
  • PPE to protect against electrical risks and dangerous voltages or that used as insulation in high-tension work.

Excluded items

  • PPE manufactured solely for export to a country outside the Community, where the supplier believes with reasonable cause that the PPE will not be used either in the United Kingdom or another Member State
  • PPE designed and manufactured specifically for use by the armed forces or in the maintenance of law and order
  • PPE for self-defence
  • PPE designed and manufactured for domestic use against adverse weather; damp and water; and heat
  • PPE intended for the protection or rescue of persons on vessels or aircraft, not worn all the time
  • Helmets and visors intended for users of two- or three-wheeled motor vehicles
  • Second-hand PPE, except for that which, since its last use, has been subjected to further manufacture
  • PPE covered by another Directive, designed to achieve the same objectives as this Directive with regard to placing on the market, free movement of goods and safety
  • Non-compliant PPE for presentation at trade fairs, exhibitions and the like, provided that an appropriate notice is displayed drawing attention to the fact that:
    1. the PPE is not in conformity with the provisions of the Directive; and
    2. there is a prohibition on its acquisition and/or use for any purpose whatsoever until it has been brought into conformity by the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in the Community.

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