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All toys, including handmade toys, need to be CE marked, including those sold for or donated to charity. If you make toys at home on a small scale (for example to make some extra money from your hobby, or whilst looking after children), you will still need to CE mark your toys, but don’t be put off – you should be able to complete most of the requirements yourself with little or no expense. You don't need to notify or register with anyone, the process is entirely self-regulating.

To be able to CE mark your toy, you must ensure that it meets the essential safety requirements laid out in the Toy Safety Directive. These are the most basic legal requirements that your toy must meet. However, as the Directive encompasses all toys, the requirements given are not very specific. This is where the standards come in, as they explain in detail the exact testing requirements for various types of toys. The standard related to the Toy Safety Directive is EN 71 – Safety of Toys. Standards can be bought from the BIS web site, but you may be able to view them free of charge at your local or county library.

Once you are confident that your toy meets the requirements of the standard (i.e. it passes all the tests), you will need to compile evidence of this into a document known as a technical file. The technical file should contain the results of the tests you have carried out, any third party results you may have, details of the toy itself, details of how you will maintain conformity during production (you don’t have to test every toy you make), and a Declaration of Conformity. The Declaration is an official statement made by you as the manufacturer to show that the toy meets the relevant standards and directives, and you may need to show it to your customers. The recommended contents of the technical file and declaration can be found in Annex III and IV of the Directive.

How Conformance can help you

We have produced a range of self-certification packs and editable versions of the required paperwork to help you fulfil your responsibilities and meet all the legal requirements for toys. At present we have a self-certification pack for handmade soft toys, teepees and craft kits. All other handmade toys are covered by a general toy pack.

We understand it can be a complicated and timely process which is why we have designed these products to make the process as straightforward as possible. These are available to purchase through our online shop.

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