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Do “taggie” blankets need CE marking? Open


There is some debate as to whether these type of blankets (with tactile ribbons sewn on around the edges which the child can use as a comforter or diversion) are toys or not. Normal blankets would not need CE marking and/ UKCA marking, but there is an argument that the addition of ribbons and similar gives the blanket play value.

Different trading standard areas have different views on this too – it is therefore safer to assume that the item is a toy and CE Mark and/ UKCA mark it accordingly.

The most appropriate requirements to use are those for soft toys, although some of the tests would not apply. Our Self-Certification Pack for Handmade Soft Toys will be suitable.

Bear in mind that “Taggie” is a trademarked name, so you should avoid using it in your marketing material.

Last updated: 2021-07-05 15:13

Posted 2 years agoby Ilonapie
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