Will EN standards still be applicable or will we revert to BS standards only?

BSi has negotiated new membership arrangements with CEN and CENELEC which basically allows them to continue to be a member of each body in much the same way as before Brexit. This includes the obligation to publish CEN and CENELEC standards in preference to national standards which has been the main driver of the harmonisation of product requirements since the first single market ’New Approach’ measures were introduced by the EU in the 1970’s. 

The European Commission will continue to publish lists of standards  which provide a presumption of conformity with the CE marking directives and regulations, and these should be used as the basis for CE marking. However, the UK will also publish its own list of ‘designated’ standards which will provide a presumption of conformity for the UKCA Mark. 

Currently the UK’s designated lists refer to EN standards (which are identical to the ones used in the rest of Europe) but in time there may be some standards where there are differences between the British and European requirements because of regulatory and other differences between EU and UK legislation. It’s not yet clear how BSi will be able to reconcile their obligation under the CEN/CENELEC agreements to publish harmonised standards and withdraw conflicting national standards with the need to align British standards with any regulatory requirement where the UK and EU requirements are different.  
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