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The following are excluded from the scope of the Pressure Equipment Directive:

  • Pipelines designed for the conveyance of any fluid to or from an installation
  • Networks for the supply, distribution and discharge of water Equipment covered by the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive
  • Equipment covered by Council Directive 75/324/EEC of 20 May 1975 on aerosol dispensers
  • Equipment intended for the functioning of vehicles and covered in one of the relevant directives relating to vehicles and their components
  • Equipment classified as no higher than category I under Article 9 of this Directive and covered by one of the other CE marking Directives:
  • Items specifically designed for nuclear use
  • Equipment intended to contain and/or control well pressure.
  • Engines including turbines and internal combustion engines,
  • Steam engines, gas/steam turbines, turbo-generators, compressors,
  • Pumps and actuating devices;
  • Blast furnaces
  • Enclosures for high-voltage electrical equipment
  • Pressurized pipes for the containment of transmission systems, e.g. for electrical power and telephone cables;
  • Ships, rockets, aircraft and mobile off-shore units, and equipment specifically intended for installation on board them
  • Pressure equipment consisting of a flexible casing, e.g. tyres, air cushions, balls used for play, inflatable craft
  • Exhaust and inlet silencers;
  • Bottles or cans for carbonated drinks for final consumption;
  • Vessels designed for the transport and distribution of drinks meeting certain additional criteria
  • Radiators and pipes in warm water heating systems;
  • Vessels designed to contain liquids with a gas pressure above the liquid of not more than 0,5 bar.

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