The following information is a summary of the requirements of the Directive.
 It is not an area in which we currently offer advice but you may find some useful information and links here.


This directive covers off-road mobile machinery. It covers all spark ignition engines and compression ignitions engines within a defined range. It is intended to cover all engines with mobile applications that are excluded from vehicle approval requirements including garden equipment, generators, welders, construction machinery, industrial trucks, fork lifts and mobile cranes.

To sell machines in a member state, the directive requires the engine to have type approval from that state’s approval authority, which, in the UK, is the Vehicle Certification Agency. This is the responsibility of the engine manufacturer. To gain type approval, engine tests carried out either by the manufacturer or an approved test house must be witnessed by the approval authority and the manufacturer must operate a quality assurance system checked by the approval authority. Furthermore the engine must be marked with the manufacturers name, engine type & family, individual engine identification number and type approval number. The manufacturer must compile a technical file.

There is a mutual recognition system in place for engines that comply under road vehicle or tractor type regulations but not with American emissions legislation. The penalty for failure to comply is up to £5,000, 3 months imprisonment and/or a complete recall and replacement of any faulty products.