The following information is a summary of the requirements of the Directive.
 It is not an area in which we currently offer advice but you may find some useful information and links here.


This directive applies to the supply of all new and second-hand products to consumers for personal use, whether they were intended for use by consumers or not. Unlike other directives it does not require a CE mark to be applied to the product. The directive either applies entirely to a product, if no CE marking directives apply, or partially, if CE marking directives are applicable to a product. Therefore the General Products Safety Directive applies, at least partially, to all products both new and second-hand, when used by consumers. The directive contains specific requirements for suppliers including manufacturers, importers, retailers, distributors, those who rework, repair or modify, service providers etc. Personal transactions are excluded from the directive.

In the UK this directive is primarily enforced by local Trading Standards Authorities and Environmental Health Officers. The maximum penalty for failure to comply is a custodial (prison) sentence and/or a monetary fine. Authorities also have the power to force a recall and replacement of faulty products.