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Project Duration:

4 weeks


UK business unit of multinational engineering and services supplier.

Project Summary:

The client manufacture equipment for industrial power generation. Jigs, fixtures and other tooling for the production line is mostly produced in-house and much of it pre-dates the implementation of the Machinery Directive. Following an accident on site, they needed to perform PUWER risk assessments on all production equipment (over 500 items in total).

Applicable Legislation:

Work Equipment Directives (implemented in UK as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations).

What We Did:

  • Trained 30 people, including design engineers, health and safety and quality management personnel.
  • Training focussed on work equipment requirements, applicable standards, risk assessment and documents/records.
  • Identified applicable standards.
  • Helped to prioritise assessment work.
  • Provided checklists and formats for risk assessment.

What the Customer did:

  • The customer did all their own assessment work and as a result some equipment had modifications to guarding, controls and/or work instructions. A small number of items were scrapped as being uneconomic to bring up to the required standard.

Final Outcome:

The client were able to demonstrate that they had met their legal obligations under PUWER and are now equipped to handle this obligation internally from now on.

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