CE Marking Directives

Following the Single European Act of 1992, which made the concept of CE marking as a means to facilitating the free movement of goods throughout Europe a reality, it became clear that there were some inconsistencies in the approach and requirements of the various new approach mark directives which were already in force at that point. In particular, the requirement for the use of the CE logo was inconsistent, as were some of the documentation and other requirements.

In response to this, in June 1993, the Commission introduced Directive 93/68/EEC which made minor modifications to most of the directives which were already in force at that time. Specific directives altered were:

87/404/EEC (simple pressure vessels)

88/378/EEC (safety of toys)

89/106/EEC (construction products)

89/336/EEC (electromagnetic compatibility)

89/392/EEC (machinery)

89/686/EEC (personal protective equipment)

90/384/EEC (non-automatic weighing instruments)

90/385/EEC (active implantable medicinal devices)

90/396/EEC (appliances burning gaseous fuels)

91/263/EEC (telecommunications terminal equipment)

92/42/EEC (new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels)

73/23/EEC (Low voltage Directive)

Directive 93/68/EEC introduced a number of minor amendments to each of the directives. These are mainly concerned with ensuring a consistent appearance of the CE logo and providing for protection against manufacturers applying a mark which was intended to look like the CE logo but was not actually the logo proper.

The only directive that changed significantly was 73/23/EEC, the Low Voltage Directive. This was originally enacted before the concept of the CE marking and the New Approach was invented, so it was necessary to introduce some additional requirements to require the use of the logo and the creation of a technical file for products within the scope of the LVD.

Directive 93/68/EEC made little or no practical difference to the technical requirements of the other directives. In the summary pages elsewhere on this site, the provisions of 93/68/EEC have been taken into account in our descriptions of the directives where necessary.

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