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Here you can find a summary of each of the principle European Directives and Regulations with links to the full text of the directives themselves as well as sources of further information relating to the directives.

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Directives News

On March 29, 2014, the European Commission published the recasts of eight CE marking directives. These directives have new reference numbers and are aligned with the rules and responsibilities for CE marking that were published earlier in the NLF's defining documentDecision 768/2008/EU. These Directives came into force on 20th of April 2016 as part of a ongoing alignment of all the CE marking directives.

The intention of this New Legislative Framework (NLF) is to:

provide better overall coherence and consistency across the range of directives; improve market surveillance rules to provide better protection for consumers and professionals from unsafe goods; clarify the notification process; improve the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and the conformity assessment procedures (modules); clarify the meaning of the CE mark and enhance its credibility clarify the obligations of importers and distributors where the manufacturer of the CE marked product is based outside Europe.


Under the New Legislative Framework the revised directives are now in force. The UK government has an obligation to enact these directives into UK law however this process has been delayed and is not expected to take place until late 2016.

Guidance from The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) advises that economic operators should comply with the requirements of the new directives from 20th April 2016 and products placed on the market after this date should be compliant with, and consequently have a declaration of conformity against, the new Directives.

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