Project Duration:

8 weeks


A manufacturer of ceramic electrical insulators.

Project Summary:

Our client was designing and building a two isostatic presses for their own use. These are pressure vessels with a lid used to apply high pressure water at 500 or 1500 Bar to a moulded ceramic insulator prior to glazing and firing. This compresses the clay, removes voids and improves the strength.

Applicable Directives:

Pressure Equipment Directive PED.

What We Did:

  •  Established the applicable directives and standards and the PED category of the vessels. The 1500bar vessel was in Category II.
  •  Assessed the design and manufacture of the vessels to the hydraulic accumulators standard EN14159, in particular:
    1  Produced design calculations according to that proved the design the wall thickness, was adequate.
    2. Demonstrated that the materials selected were suitable in a Particular Material Appraisal.
    3. Liaised with the clients sub-contract manufacturer to ensure the heat treatment was carried out according to the standard.
  • Provided a report of the compliance issues noted in the assessment with recommended actions
  • Assisted with completing the actions, provided a draft Declaration of Conformity and advised on the contents of the markings, instructions and technical file.
  • Advised on the Conformity Assessment of the 1500bar vessel and recommended a Notified Body to approve the final inspection and test according to Module A1 of the directive as well as to complete the Global Conformity Assessment of the press pressure system.

What the Customer Did:

  • Designed the vessels and followed our recommendations to make it them comply.
  • Liaised with Conformance and the sub-contract manufacturer to ensure the vessels were properly manufactured.
  • Fitted safety valves, pumps, piping, etc. to complete the presses
  • Compiled the technical file from our contents list and arranged the Notified Body assessment.
  • Completed the Declaration of Conformity and applied the ratings plate including the CE marking.

Final Outcome:

The client was able to CE mark the presses properly, get their insurer to accept them and use them in their own factory to manufacture insulators.

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