Project duration:

 6 months - ongoing


A manufacturer of wind turbines for use in off-shore and on-shore wind farms

Project summary:

The client was launching a new type of wind turbine and asked Conformance to assist with ensuring that it complied with the Machinery Directive's essential health and safety requirements (EHSRs). The client also needed a light Technical File producing to share with potential clients.

Applicable Directives:

Machinery DirectivePressure Equipment Directive (PED)Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive

What we did:

  • Reviewed the standards and gathered a list of requirements relevant to the Machinery Directive's EHSRs
  • Inspected a prototype wind turbine and assessed it against the requirements
  • A design review with the company's design team
  • Identified where the design did not meet ESHRs and where possible, identified how the non-compliance could be rectified
  • Assisted Client to produce a complete technical file
  • Identified components needed for a light Technical File which could be shared with potential clients
  • Managed the production of this file

What the customer did:

  • Participated in design review
  • Addressed the non-compliance by amending the design documentation
  • Produced the required documentation to complete both Technical Files


Ensure product complies with the EHSRs of the machinery directive.

Complete both technical files


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