The directives and standards that your product must comply with are continually updated, and you need to know about these changes to ensure your product remains compliant. We offer a range of services to keep you informed of any changes to the directives and standards which may affect your product.

Annual Update Service

This service is ideal for single products. We will send you an annual report detailing any changes which affect your product, and advise you of what you will need to do to ensure continued compliance.

Existing Client subscription: 150 per year:

New Client subscription: 240 per year:

The New Client subscription includes an initial review of the applicable directives and standards for your product.*

Quarterly Update Service

If you have a range of products that need to comply with several different directives, you need our quarterly update service.
We will report on any current issues and changes which affect your product every three months, so that you can manage the changes continuously.

Quarterly subscription: starting from 150 per quarter

Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

Product Review

For a fixed fee* we will review the details of your product, identify the applicable directives and standards, and tell you what the current versions you need to be complying with are.

One-off review cost: 100

* In certain unusual cases we may determine that further work is required to identify exactly which directives apply. If this is the case we will contact you to discuss the costs of any aditional work before proceeding.

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