Conformance Ltd. has been established for over 15 years in the CE marking industry. We have a highly experienced staff of expert engineers and considerable knowledge and familiarity with the CE marking process. We are also highly experienced in product safety assessments, product design and the real-world issues faced by manufacturing industries.

We offer our knowledge in the following service packages:

Using our standard procedures or a custom solution we can assist you through the CE marking process, product safety assessments, offer advice to manufacturers and importers and considerably more, at a budget that suits your needs.

Choose from our range of training courses on CE marking and product safety, or contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Our free FAQ service. Click for the full question/answer database and to submit your questions.

Our online shop with free logo downloads. Purchase checklists for your own assessments, standard and custom logos (electronic download) and self-adhesive logo sheets.

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