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The following pages offer detailed information on a very wide range of CE marking (and related) subjects. From the specific details of the directives relevant to your products to the requirements of a Declaration of Conformity, we hope you will find the information you seek on our website. If, however, you require further information or specific assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please visit the following pages for more specific information: 


Comprehensive detailed information about all CE marking directives and selected non-CE marking directives.

Introduction to CE Marking

Essential information on how the CE mark came about, what it is, and its implications for manufacturers.

Declaration of Conformity

Common to nearly all the directives, the declaration is a signed document confirming that the item meets the requirements of the directive.

Declaration of Incorporation

Specific to the Machinery Directive, this declaration enables incomplete machinery or components to fulfill CE marking obligations.

Technical File

Contains the information required to show the item properly complies with the requirements of the directive.

Standards for Product Safety

Provides a background explanation of the way in which standards are developed and used under the New Approach Directives.

Notified Body

An explanation about organisations which are authorised to make independent judgements as to whether a product meets directive requirements.

European Economic Area 

Reference explanations of the member states of the European Union.

Authorised Representatives

Where the manufacturer is not based in the EU, legal responsibility for compliance with the directives lies with the person responsible for selling the goods within the EU.

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