product approval consultancy in New Zealand

The burgeoning economic growth and promise of the Asia Pacific market make this an increasingly important area of business for many of our clients.

We have expanded our existing presence in China to provide a range of essential services to companies who are doing, or wish to do, business in the Asia Pacific arena.

Key services include:


• Pre-production
The monitoring of parts, sub-assemblies and the initial phases of the production process. By inspecting at this early stage, particularly on critical or first production runs, potentially costly errors can be avoided. Conformance can work with the manufacturing facility to implement cost-effective solutions to any problems identified.

• Pre-shipment (PSI)
A random sampling inspection (typically using sampling schemes specified in ISO2859-1/BS6001) before the goods are loaded. Conformance can provide technical support should any rectification work be needed. Unlike some organisations, we don’t simply issue an inspection report and then leave you to deal with any problems.

• In-line/during production (DUPRO)
Monitoring of the production processes and its quality controls during manufacture. We can tailor this service to meet your particular requirements.

• Loading
The inspection of finished product being loaded into a container to ensure that specification and quality requirements have been followed.


• Quality/production

• Environmental

• Social and Ethical

There is an increasing desire by customers and consumers to know that the items they buy have been produced ethically and in an environmentally sustainable way. Audits of manufacturing sites are the main way of demonstrating this. If any problems are identified during these key services, Conformance can assist you by providing cost-effective technical product or process resolution that will enable your product to comply with you and your customers’ specifications, and meet legislative and regulatory requirements.

Conformance can tailor these additional services to include such aspects as:

• Technical file evaluation and guidance

• Product or process modification, including follow-up testing and worker training where necessary

• Assistance with rework and monitoring of specification changes during the production process

Contact us to discuss any aspect of your business and our services in the Asian market. Our experts will identify the best approach to ensure that you and your products meet the demands of your customers and the due diligence requirements of current European and UK regulations.


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