CE marking machinery services

Our team of expert engineers can help you navigate the CE marking process for your machinery related products and equipment.

How we can help

We have produced a detailed guide to the machinery directive, which outlines its purpose, scope, and requirements. In addition, we offer consultancy services (including site visits and project support), training courses on the machinery directive and related directives, and DocEUpoint service (technical file contact point).


We offer scheduled training courses on

  • CE Marking Machinery and Industrial Equipment
  • Machinery Risk Assessment
  • Safety-related control system for machinery
  • Buying Machinery – Safety Compliance
  • Medical machinery and electro-medical machinery

Alternatively, you can create your own course by selecting individual modules, which can be delivered onsite or at our offices.

Identifying directives and standards

When CE marking machinery equipment, a number of different directives may apply in addition to the machinery directive. Through our consultancy services, we will identify all relevant directives and identify appropriate standards, which define the design measures recommended to meet the essential requirements of each directive.

Assessing your equipment

In order to verify compliance with the requirements of the standards and ensure all safety measures are in place, we create checklists based on the relevant standards and use them as the basis of a design review.

This usually involves inspecting a sample unit of your equipment and its documentation at our premises in Derbyshire. Assessment to drawings and design information is possible for simpler machinery if no sample is available. For larger pieces of equipment, we offer onsite inspections.

After assessing your equipment, we will provide a detailed report outlining any areas of non-compliance. Once all non-compliance issues have been resolved, we can assist with putting together your technical file and drafting your declaration of conformity/incorporation.

Control Systems Analysis

Analysis of the functional aspect of controls (e.g. emergency stops or guard interlocks) can be complex and difficult, particularly where there are significant numbers of safety-related control functions.

Our machinery experts are experienced in conducting functional analysis of machines and systems and can help you navigate this difficult aspect of the CE marking process of machinery.

Design Assistance

If required, we can assist with resolving design problems and interpreting the requirements of the directives and standards. In addition, we can assist with drafting/re-drafting instruction manuals, designing artwork for product labels and data plates, and preparing technical file information.

DocEUpoint: Technical file contact point

Manufacturers are required to identify an address within the EU from which the enforcement authorities can obtain a copy of the technical file for the product.

For clients based outside the EU, our DocEUpoint service — which allows you to use our name and address on your declaration of conformity — is a cost-effective and efficient way to meet this requirement.

Update Service

To provide ongoing support in ensuring your product remains compliant with the constantly changing directives and standards, we offer a subscription update service. The purpose of this service is to update the list of directives and standards 12 months after our initial report is issued and inform you of any new directives or standards that apply to your product.

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